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Beacon Street Girls www.BeaconStreetGirls.com Both a website and a book publisher.

2009 Mom’s Choice Award   2008 Parents’ Choice Award

The Beacon Street Girls’ mission is to provide positive role models and health affirming messages for preteen girls during the tumultuous middle school years, when girls are “between toys and boys™.” Their contemporary, age-appropriate literature and fashion-forward products have been designed to offer that special “in between” girl in your life an exciting and meaningful alternative to reality – with MTV-style programming.

Girls Go Tech www.girlsgotech.org

This is run by the Girl Scouts of America. It is math-, science-, technology-centric with resources, games and career information. They have fun widgets like “how many seconds old are you”.

Girlshealth.gov  has a wealth of information on health issues including nutrition, bullying and relationships. There are quizes and games as well.

The Girls Math & Science Partnership www.braincake.org

The Girls Math & Science Partnership’s mission is to engage, educate and embrace girls as architects of change.  Working with girls age 11-17 and their parents, teachers and mentors, they draw organizations, stakeholders and communities together in an effort to ensure that girls succeed in math and science.

The Girls, Math & Science Partnership, is a program of Carnegie Science Center.

Go Girl World www.gogirlworld.org

GoGirlWorld.org is presented by the Women’s Sports Foundation. It has chat, sports “instructional” videos. They also have an interesting section called Guide to Life which is essentially the “stories” of/by successful sportswomen – commenting on what they see and have experienced. Another section is called Future Focus with guides to jobs in the future. They have a cool partnership with FLIP cameras that challenges kids to make “how to play…” videos with an ultimate prize of $5,000 to the winner.

Itwixie www.itwixie.com

This safe, friendly social site encourages tweens to feel good about themselves – not for being pretty, but for being smart, dedicated and kind – according to the developers. There are lots of opportunities for girls to learn new things and express themselves creatively. All user-generated content is screened before it is published. So far, no ads.  Parents have to approve “joining”.

Kiki Magazine www.kikimag.com

Kiki is a magazine that is published four times a year. It is worth checking out if you’re looking for more substance than your standard teen mag fare. It has a cool, fun design with great content. And, it is ad free.

National Women’s History Museum www.nwhm.org

If you’re looking for some research on Women’s History, this is a good place to start.

The National Women’s History Museum affirms the value of knowing Women’s History. It illuminates the role of women in transforming society and encourages all people, women and men, to participate in democratic dialogue about our future.

New Moon Girls www.newmoon.com

New Moon Girls is an online community and magazine where girls create and share poetry, artwork, videos and more. They chat together and learn. This is achieved in a fully moderated, educational environment designed to build self-esteem and positive body image. It is ad free.

University of Michigan www.smartgirl.org

SmartGirl.org is an online community where girls can share their opinions, creativity, experiences and goals. Here, girls can see what other girls are thinking and add their own thoughts into the mix. Visitors to the site are generally girls between the ages of 11-17. They come from countries all over the world.

By providing girls with an online community where they have ownership and control in a safe environment, they hope to attract more girls to computers and information technology. They also help bridge the digital divide. They believe that by providing a space where girls can learn more about themselves, girls will be in a better position to make positive choices in their lives. The website is currently run by the Women in Science & Engineering Program at the University of Michigan.

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