Colorado Gives Day 2013

2013 Colorado Gives DayTuesday, December 10th this year will be the biggest day of fundraising throughout Colorado, because every dollar you give on Colorado Gives Day goes even further. 

Thanks to the generous contributions of FirstBank and the Community First Foundation, Smart-Girl has the opportunity to raise even more money for our programs. 

  • All processing fees for online contributions are covered so 100% of donations go directly to the organization.
  • A matching incentive fund is being shared proportionally among all CO Gives Day participants, so every dollar given to Smart-Girl gets the organization more from the fund.
  • If Smart-Girl receives 30 contributions on Colorado Gives Day we’ll be entered into a drawing to win an additional $5,000.
  • Contests will be held throughout the day like trivia questions and there will be cash prizes for the winner. 


You can pre-schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation today by clicking here


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