2013 Annual Report

We had a pretty amazing year here at Smart-Girl and we would love to share some of the highlights with you. We encourage you to download the full report.


In the 2012-2013 school year Smart-Girl Inc: 

  • Officially rolled out our Smart-Guy program to our current partners following a two-year pilot
  • Served a total of 1,015 youth
    • 930 participants in the Smart-Girl program
    • 85 participants in the Smart-Guy program
  • Trained 116 students and professionals in our Smart-Guide Leadership Institute
    • 102 of those went on to serve as guides, coaches or program managers in our Smart-Girl and Smart-Guy programs
  • Shared the Smart-Girl program with 60 young women in our Summer Camp
    • 12 campers were able to attend on scholarship
  • Gained 7 new program partners
  • Logged 19,432 total service hours 
  • Are now serving nine counties, in four different states


If you would like to read the full annual report, please download the PDF below. The report includes (but is not limited to) participant stories, full statistics, a letter from our Executive Director and listings of our sponsors.

Download full report in PDFAdobe-PDF

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